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Cigar smokers are more popular today than ever. In the past, it use to be older well educated men sitting around dicussing business deals but today with the popularity of cigar magazines, cigar shops and cigar bars you will find people of all ages male and female smoking cigars.
Lighting up a cigar to close a business deal, celebrate winning a ball game or to just enjoy a stogie watching the sunset there is a good chance you know a cigar smoker.
This site offers unique gift ideas for those who smoke cigars but we do not promote the idea of smoking a cigar. Small cigars or large cigars - Cigar smoke has toxic and cancer causing chemicals that are very harmful to both the smoker and those who are exposed to the smoke. Please do not smoke and ask those who do to stop today.
Best cigar gift occasions are cigar gifts for christmas, cigar gifts for father's day, cigar gifts for bosses day, cigar gift for valentines day, cigar gifts for birthday, cigar gifts for retirement, cigar gifts for groomsmen, cigar gifts for groom, cigar gifts for new dads, cigar gifts for clients to thank them for their business, cigar gifts for anniversary, cigar gifts for bachelor party, cigar gifts for engagement, cigar gifts in appreciation, cigar gifts to say thank you, cigar gifts for graduation, cigar gifts for job promotion, cigar gifts for employees, cigar gift for congratulations, cigar gifts to say I'm sorry ...
If you are looking for cigar gifts for him that could be cigar gifts for dad, cigar gifts for boss, cigar gifts for a teacher, cigar gifts for men at work, cigar gifts for groomsman, cigar gifts for grandfather, cigar gifts for brother, cigar gifts for boyfriend, cigar gifts for husband ...
Cool cigar gift ideas for men or women are personalized cigar gifts, cigar gift sets and cigar gift baskets.
Best cigar gifts for cigar lovers are: cigar humidor, cigar box, cigar case, cigar cutter, cigar lighter, cigar tube, cigar holder, cigar calendar, cigar clock, cigar bookends, cigar stand, cigar caddy, cigar cufflinks, cigar apparel like a t-shirt with cigar sayings on them, a cigar hat or a subscription to a cigar magazine like cigar aficionado or to  smoke magazine. Unique cigar gifts are old cigar advertising you can buy as a vintage cigar sign or printed as nice canvas art to hang on the wall of his man cave, den or office. Gifts for cigar aficionados who have everything is a cigar of the month club gift. A monthly cigar club will have them waiting for the next cigar gift pack to arrive in the mail. Easy to order the cigars online.
Humidors for cigars are one of the best gifts for cigar smokers. A humidor for cigars are the best cigar christmas gifts The cigar humidors are also the most popular groomsmen cigar gifts.
The cigar humidor can be a custom cigar gift that can be personalized and engraved with a name or monogram. The humidors can also feature the cigar lovers hobby or passion.
For these personalized  cigar groomsmen gifts you can engrave any 2 line message and the cigar humidor has free shipping. For an elegant cigar gift you can buy a genuine chery wood cigar humidor that holds up to 20 cigars, lined with spanish cedar, engrave initials or full name, includes a humidifier and is designed to keep cigars fresh, moistened and fragrant. Don't forget to use our coupon code.
There is a cigar humidor style to fit anyone's likes
golf humidor, bowling humidor, fishing humidor, racing humidor, poker humidor, biker humidor, saloon cowboy humidor, car garage humidor, racquet club humidor, piano lounge humidor, 
whiskey humidor, irish pub humidor, after hours humidor, martini humidor, tiki lounge humidor, pool billards humidor, football humidor, fishing guide humidor, crab shack humidor, darts humidor, golf academy golf quotes humidor, navy humidor, army humidor, air force humidor, personalized maple wood humidor, camo cigar caddy humidor, aluminum travel cigar humidor, hockey humidor, man cave humidor, last name engraved on humidor box, initials monogrammed on lid of cigar humidor, baseball humidor, cabin series humidors featuring a labrador, loon, walleye, moose, spruce, stag, trout, white oak or wood duck, There is also the sportsman, roadhouse and baseball humidors. 
You may want to buy the top selling personalized humidor of elegant cherry wood crafted with a cedar divider and has a round humidifier and a glass hygrometer.
Cigar gift sets are popular
and make a very nice cigars gift . The leather cigar and flask holder 3 piece set is a perfect cigar gift set that comes in a genuine leather case
The cigar case holds a stainless steel flask, a cigar cutter and a cigar holder. Engraved initials makes this a sophisticated cigar gift for groomsmen, retirement or birthday gift. This item ranks high as christmas cigar gifts. 
Another popular cigar gift packs is the personalized cigar case flask with zippo lighter. The unique flask has space for the cigar and  ounces of beverage. The cigar flask and lighter can be engraved making it one of the best gift ideas for cigar lovers.
The double cigar holder and flask combo can be found in a cigar shop near you or can be shipped free.  Find the coupon codes.
If you want a simple cigar gift to include in a cigar gift basket consider the engravable single cigar holder.  You can make your own cigar gift baskets for men by including his favorite cigars, a stainless steel flask, cigar cutters and a nice cigar lighter all which can be custom engraved.
If you need a cigar gag gift you can buy a big fake cigar. 
For new dads who do not smoke cigars you can buy bubble gum cigars for it's a boy cigars or it's a girl cigars to pass out after the baby's birth.
Cigar theme home decor to decorate the cigar lounge or home are unique cigar gifts.  Cigar brands and vintage ads for cigars such as retro la zenda cigars mild and mellow, homestead cigars for five cents, nickel movement cigars good from start to finish, snow owl cigars, orange flower quality cigars, vintage cigar art recruit cigars 1899, habanas quality cigars framed art, keep calm and smoke cigars, cigar bar wall tapestry, fine cigars wall art, popular cigar pictures like scarface smoking a cigar poster, the famous dogs playing poker while smoking cigars, graphic art on canvas rubenacker cigar company frenchie brand french bulldog, black lab brand labrador cigars, chihuahua cigars bold flavor smooth smoke, australian brand, boston terrier worlds greatest cigars, german shepherd, pomeranian, bulldog always a mild smoke, bull terrier cigars, airliner san telmo cigar company for a funny cigar picture you can buy a hand painted oil painting of a bull dog smoking a cigar.  For the Scarface movie buff there is a cigar shadow box with a picture of Al Pacino and a replica cigar
Cigar T-shirts available in many colors is the cigar saying keep calm and smoke a cigar, juan lopez cuban cigars, monte cristo cigars, happy che smoking a cigar, scarface tony montana say goodnight to the bad guy and i'm aging like a fine cigar full bodied and a little leathery
We have all your cigar gift ideas here.  Everything from cheap cigar gifts to luxury cigar gifts.

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